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Asia Trade Partners Hires a Graduate intern!

Asia Trade Partners welcomed a new addition to the team, Megan Bryant as their new Marketing Executive in July! Not only does it reflect the company’s strong growth trajectory, but has also made the recent Graduate extremely happy.

During these uncertain times, it is nice to shine a light on growth businesses can have. Whilst ATP’s clients were growing by the month, its marketing was often left unattended due to conflicting commitments.

Therefore, working alongside Coventry University and Santander, a scheme was announced to encourage Coventry University students to apply for internships in the local area, fully funded by Santader.

This great scheme not only elevates the financial pressures of hiring an intern, but it also gives invaluable experience to graduates in such a difficult climate.

Megan, originally from Essex is beyond ecstatic to secure an internship with ATP. She brings to the table 14 months Digital Marketing experience acquired from an industrial placement in Amsterdam in addition to several over positions ranging from retail, customer service to recruitment.

Excited to apply her marketing knowledge, ATP have already added a brand new LinkedIn Company page, blogs page and new and improved look for the website.

Although Megan has had some experience working from home with her Dutch employer, this is the first time it has 100% been remote work. Megan said the following:

“to make WFH work you need three key traits which are; communication, trust and flexibility, without those there’s no way the workload could be executed effectively”.

Megan is also enjoying the sense of autonomy within the role. After the initial phone call with her supervisor, it was made apparent that she was her own boss. Immediately, it was Megan calling the shots on ATP should and should not do.

For now, the future for ATP looks bright with the possibility of extending Megan’s contract beyond four weeks, the team are excited to see the impact a marketing executive can have on a company.

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